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Begonia care on Begonia is the most frequent plant for growing at home. It has amazing flowers that bloom all year round. Usually begonia needs very easy care. For getting begonia in indoors one has to know some difficulties for handling and care after it.

The caring of it may to be different depending of the sort of flower. In nature there are three types: fibrous, rhizomatous, tuberous. The first two types in generally need less sun and wet than the third.

It is main issue to choose right place for location of begonias indoors. All of plant types need to get everyday enough sunlight and watering. But the main rule that

the light must to be indirect. Begonias need for 12 or 14 hours from morning till night for bright sunlight on the east window such on the west. You have to avoid to set the plant on the south side indoors.

During the spring and summer the flower will needs in thin filter like curtain for less light because there are lot of sun in this time.

All types of begonias need warm air. The temperature indoors must to be about 20-25 degrees. The plant will suffer when the air will be low than 13 degrees, for example in the night.

Important rule to set your begonia in the suitable pot. The diameter and depth of the pot will be able to get for roots enough place for their growing. But if the pot will be over large you can not see the flowers for long time. Also the too big pot may cause to waterlogging of the ground and roots will be to rot. The ground in the pot should to has balance on the pH scale or to be neutral.

The difficulty is the right fertilize. In the period from February to September you have to set fertilize once a month. This lets for your plant to bloome high. From October to January your plant needs less frequently. Always mix the fertilizer material carefully according the direction.

The difference of the begonias care is ensuring proper humidity. Sometime the air in house may to be too dry. In these cases one should set the plant in the pot with pebbles and water.

At home very common difficulties are plant diseases. First of all it is susceptibility to root rot. Only if the ground in pot is dry enough you have to watering.

Also when you set the humidity it necessary to pour water below the leaves. In other case the plant will have the diseases. Its leaves will get the pest resistant.

If your type of begonias is Rex, you should cut the most small flowers for having striking foliage.

The cutting is the common difficultie in the caring of begonias. The flower grows very fast. You have to cut long stem without leaves. Usually one must to do it every four months if the climate is warm. One have to cut stem when the first leaves on it are higher than seven or eight sm.

In addition all the begonias is the most hardy plants indoors. If one had chosen the right place and follow these recommends regularly he necessarily will get perfect plant.




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