Today, shredders are essential in every modern office - they ensure secrecy, recycle waste, and help maintain order in the workplace. The most important parameters of the shredder are the size of the shredded paper, the number of sheets to be shred at the same time, and the capacity of the waste bin. Fort Collins shredding company Shred Monster offers shredding services where you don't need your personal shredder. Shredders are divided into 4 categories: personal, general-purpose, office, and industrial.

Shredder classification

Personal Shredders: These shredders are ideal for home users or small office use. Personal shredders are very easy to operate and do an excellent job of regularly processing sensitive information. The service functions of personal shredders usually consist of automatic start and stop based on a mechanical or electronic sensor, a light indication of operating modes, and reverse rotation when the knives are overloaded. Various models of personal shredders can shred documents at speeds up to 90 mm per second and are equipped with a waste collection basket with a capacity of 15-30 liters. Universal shredders: these models are ideal for multiple users working with confidential information on a daily basis. Office shredders: These shredder models are often found in medium to large organizations. They are distinguished by a larger one-time paper load, have an automatic start and stop, are equipped with a control panel, and have overload protection. Office shredders allow you to shred documents with paper clips, can be used to shred plastic cards, CDs, and floppy disks. Industrial shredders: powerful and high-performance, designed for the industrial destruction of large quantities of paper documents, magazines, floppy disks, disks, as well as folders with metal inserts.

Paper Shredding Service

All shredders contain the following main components: an electric motor, a cutting mechanism (divided into 3 types), containers for destroyed documents, and waste in the form of shredded paper. The cutting mechanism of the first category contains monolithic rotating "circular knives" with cutting edges on both sides. Cutting is carried out thanks to tightly fitted knives without using an additional clamping mechanism. Built-in knives are made of high-alloy steel, which guarantees their high strength and durability.

Colorado Shredding Services Shred Monster

Shred Monster has experience in all paper shredding jobs and paper document shredders out there. We offer hard drive shredding services and document shredding in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, and more Colorado cities. In addition, the initial sharpening of the teeth is carried out by a laser method after hardening the steel. This is a laborious and expensive process, but it is thanks to it that the stable operation of the cutting mechanism is guaranteed, even if staples fall among the documents being shredded. The cutting mechanism is driven by a drive mechanism that contains a motor and a gearbox. The cutting mechanism of the second category is equipped with monolithic rotating knives with one cutting edge. The thickness of the cutting edge of the knife is less than 0.5 mm. Cutting is carried out by pressing the knives with a spring, the stiffness of which can change over time. There is a third type of mechanism with rotating knives and with a single cutting edge. Cross-cutting adds extra cutting teeth to maximize safety as it creates limited length strips of paper. Knives of this design provide durability and reliability of the cutting mechanism.

Shredders are classified by cutting type as follows:

parallel cut models - the paper is simultaneously cut into strips of the same width. The simple shape of the shredder knives allows for fairly high throughput, providing a security level of 1 to 3; cross-cut models: paper is cut into rectangular pieces by overlapping sets of complex knives, which in turn provide higher levels of security. Staples and staples are also allowed to enter the cutting mechanism of these shredders. You can help prevent the further destruction of trees by using Shred Monster on site shredding service in Loveland, CO, Windsor, and Greeley.