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I read a great article over the weekend by Paul Beelen, titled Advertising 2.0. The article is a must read for those in the media, marketing and advertising industry. It explains the way technology is changing business.

The article has so many great points that I would love to just copy and paste but I’ll give a brief overview, however I recommend that you read the full article.

It gives an explanation on how companies have been perceived to know more then their consumers and due to technology and the growth of weblogs, wikis, podcast and videocast… consumers are tapping into the web for knowledge of products and services by other consumers – making decisions based on product/service analysis rather then media influences.

A great deal of the content informs ad agencies on how they need to adapt to technologies changes. Information such as: how they talk to consumers (talking with them, not at them) how to communicate with specific smaller target audiences rather then larger target groups to approach ads with a public relations approach rather then the tradition ad agency approach

Not faking it – how consumers no longer accept artificial channels of communication.

The article also covers other key factors such as: how mobile technology is changing the way people receive information advertising on the web

RSS (really simple syndication) and how it effects distribution of mass media the effects of technology on newspapers and other global contact distributions.

I applaud Paul at doing such a great job on breaking down all these key factors into a simple, easy to follow document that appeals to multiple levels of tech savvy individuals or those that are not tech savvy at all.



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