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New iBall Splendo Computer stick arrives for sale in India


The new iBall Splendo has taken us by surprise, as the PC-on-a-stick product has arrived available in India with none previous revelations of its existence. This PC-on-a-stick carries within its body the hardware required to run Windows 8.1, and might be connected to your TV sets via HDMI.

This way, you’ll be able to simply flip your televisions into full-blown PCs while not having to deal with cumbersome equipment. The iBall Splendo dongle is all you wish to induce going along with your work. If you’re speculative regarding the fate of keyboards and mice, you ought to observe of the actual fact that this device options inbuilt Bluetooth so they’ll be connected wirelessly.

Moreover, the iBall Splendo conjointly kicks in an exceedingly micro USB port with the exception of a daily USB port for connecting flash drives and additional. This iBall accessory grabs Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, a microSD card slot, multi-channel digital audio and also the ability to produce HD graphics.

Its manufacturers have blessed this Windows 8.1 widget with 2GB value of RAM and 32GB value of storage space. fueling the Splendo’s operations from within could be a quad core Intel Atom processor. and every one this for the engaging tag of simply Rs 8999.

Before iBall, variety of alternative makers have disclosed their PC-on-a-stick solutions however this is often the primary one that’s coming back from an Indian company. it absolutely was only recently that Google and Asus disclosed their Chromebit device that runs the former’s ChromeOS and equally offers the flexibility to run on TV sets using their HDMI ports.

The new iBall Splendo is slated to be created offered for purchase within the country someday this July at its higher than mentioned price of Rs 8999.



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