A brewing cup of coffee, on a Monday morning, is all you need, to set a power packed mood for the upcoming week. If you are a coffee lover, this is definitely an every morning ritual for you (not just a habit). And all the coffee admirers have a visually pleasing coffee mug collection that they have put together with a lot of care and adoration.

Shopping for coffee mugs is a forever thing for anyone who drinks coffee on a daily basis. And everyone has different preferences too. Some people love a clear coffee mug while others have an attraction towards thick, ceramic ones.

The Best Coffee Mugs

We mostly choose coffee mugs impulsively. We are scrolling through on the internet and blue out of the bolt, a wonderful collection of coffee mugs pops up. That is it. The damage has been done! Helplessly, you choose at least 2 of your favorite mugs and wait eagerly for them to drop at your doorstep.

But it is always great if you can look more actively for good coffee mugs. They not only last longer but a thoughtfully bought coffee mug adds up to your collection incredibly.

Things to Consider before Buying a Coffee Mug

There is no right or wrong when it comes to coffee mug shopping. Everyone has a personal preference and you can choose whatever you like sipping your coffee out of. But, with a little consideration, you can make a purchase that looks stunning, feels amazing and is high quality.

1.  Aesthetics:

Why discuss the shape, size and material of the mug separately when they all come into the category of aesthetics? How your coffee mug looks is one of the key factors to consider when shopping for one. And all coffee lovers pay close attention to the aesthetics before making a purchase.

And let’s admit the fact that an Instagram worthy coffee mug is certainly worth it. Will you post a great story about it? If yes, then you are definitely going to buy it. The variety of designs, colors and shapes is overwhelming. Thus, choose one that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

2.  How do you Intend to Use it?

Do you like drinking your coffee while being on the go? Or do you like to sit peacefully while sipping on it? If you are a traveler, then a travel mug or coffee thermos would be best for you. If you are an early bird and like to have a little me-time while you drink coffee, then a clear coffee mug or a ceramic one would be great too. Remember, a ceramic coffee mug won’t work for you, if you drink it in your car. It can spill coffee on your lochtes too. Thus, choose wisely.

For coffee lovers, we recommend that you have a travel mug or thermos too. It is travel friendly. And if you are getting late (which anybody can), then having one handy will be helpful.

3.  Colors:

Always buy a coffee mug that attracts your eye. And color is a huge determinant, in deciding whether it looks aesthetically appealing or not. Mostly, people adore nude colored coffee mugs for their collection. Although bold colors can be amazing too but brown and nude shades usually fall into the perfect category of “coffee vibe”. However, it is a personal preference, yet again.

If you like diversity, you can add various colors and types in your mug collection. On the contrary, if you like to have a color themed collection, you can choose monotones accordingly.

4.  Material:

Do you know? The material of your coffee mug has a huge impact on the way your coffee tastes? And it also defines how it must be taken care of. For instance, some mugs are microwave safe whilst others are not; be careful about it when you pick.

Ceramic coffee mugs are one of the most popular choices for people. However, glass and stainless steel is also a trending material that people opt for. However, ceramic is very easy to manage and it can be cleaned in a dishwasher as well. Also, coffee tastes very pleasant in ceramic mugs. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you must. Metal mugs usually change the taste of coffee a lot.


As a coffee lover, it is normal to be on the lookout for new designs and styles. We hope you put together a collection that looks endearing.