Operation Smile


Are you familiar of the the organization called Operation Smile? Actually, it is an awesome organization that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it. I have heard about them ever since I was still in Philippines because the people behind these charity actually go to The Third World Countries and do their mission there. I have known a couple of children who have benefited from them and I am one of the countless many out there who support Operation Smile.

Did you know that Operation Smile and Campus Books Rentals have recently teamed up towards helping more children with cleft palate? How does it work, you ask? Well, if you simply rent textbooks from campusbookrentals.com, you can be a donor to Operation Smile already! Every textbook you rent, campusbookrentals.com will donate a portion of it to the charity. How cool is that?

If you don’t know about textbook rentals yet, then all I can say is, it is a great option to choose rather than buying new textbooks when you are in college. It could save you some for to 90% off of bookstore prices plus shipping is free both ways and renting period is flexible as well. When I was taking up Biochemistry the other semester, it cost me a lot to buy one that I needed. I never knew that campusbookrentals.com has it; it would have been a pretty good savings on my part!

So if anyone of you needs to have a textbook for college, consider renting and ease your financial woes in a little way! When you rent a textbook or two from campusbookrentals.com, you will not only save, you can be a donor to a great organization as well! What a way to help others, right? It always is a nice thing to know that while you spend, you’re learning from doing so and you’re helping somebody at the same time!



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В последнее время во Владивостоке сгорел ТЦ «Максим», заявились маски-шоу в сеть ТЦ «Реми». К чему бы это?

1. К тому, что москвичи обустраивают под себя новую столицу.
2. Никакие не москвичи, это местные рубятся.
3. Слишком много ТЦ, кто-то умный пропалывает.
4. А не надо уходить от налогов, Большой Брат бдит.
5. Ни к чему, это просто роковая случайность.
6. История повторяется, привет вам из 90-х!
7. А мне по барабану (по бубну).

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