I cannot imagine while looking forward ahead in the future. It seems like we are too much advance even nowadays. Sometimes I think weird that what if tomorrow cars will fly as well like airplanes. I said that because scientists and other personals didn't seem stop inventing new creations for our society. They're maybe advantages and disadvantages of course.

As I compare myself with my child now it seems she is more on technology and forget to embrace those simple stuffs that I used to have while I'm still young. As a mother I want her to know where I came from and what I have in my simple childhood. I love her to know the real essence of life and the meaning of it.

Since we are far from my hometown the technology that we preapre to use is the free chat sites. This is very beneficial to many people and I know everyone would agree with me. Though my parents is far away from us but yet it feels likfe we are just neighbors. We can see each others company through the net. It's not difficult anymore and from that it feels us overwelmed everytime we've talk. I cannot deny that we missed each other and even loved to have vacation anytime next year.

I was surprised knowing that kids can do there own talk with their friends online as well. The site is exclusively for kids only. They simply called chat room for kids , it's wonderful I guess. As for now my six year old daughter wasn't involved yet in that chat room since she is too young. Maybe when she reach in middle school and of course with my presence and guidance as always. I want to be her best friend and a mom at the same time. I believe that mom instinct is needed all the time because mom's knows best for her child.



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