The claim is disappeared
The debate about what happened in the Kirov village, do not cease till this day. Who are the guys who were labeled as "The Seaside Guerrillas"? And why did they take up weapons? Almost two years ago, Alexey Nikitin wrote a letter to the Kirov prosecutor.

The claim speaks about how they struggled with the narco dealers who cooperating in a bundle with the Kirov police.

But for some reason this statement strangely disappeared.

Rather, the investigation at the request of one was not going to be. This may not be in the interests of the Kirov prosecution and “big bosses” higher.

Everything was more prosaic. In the words of his lawyer: “Operatively-Search Part“ (further: OSP) came to take him, when Alexey Nikitin gave evidence in the prosecution of the Kirov district as a witness. He was taken to OSP-4, where, he claims he was subjected to the most cruel tortures.

Alexey Nikitin repeated the claim against the chief investigator Tishchenko on April 16, 2012. This statement is submitted on 19.04.2012 for the jurisdiction of the investigation department of the city Lesozavodsk. For that, that this statement will not become waste paper as a previous, we post it below. In an open statement, we do not indicate the names of the employees of the Kirov prosecutors and police. However, in a statement sent by us to the proper authorities, all the heroes of police detectives and prosecutors announced.
For senior investigator of the first division of investigation of critical cases of the “Headquarter of Investigation Committee of Russian Federation” in Primorsky Krai, captain Tishchenko.

From the accused - Alexey Nikitin Viktorovich, who currently contained in detention facility number 1.

Open statement: why “The Partisans" have taken up weapons?

How it all began...

I want to tell the whole truth about what happened in the Kirov district, as well as to provide additional evidence for evidence I gave before - after being tortured in OSP-4. It all began in December 2007. Then my friend Dmitry clashed with Kostya.

Dmitry was hardly beaten by Kostya and his friends. After the fight an ambulance was called for take Dmitry to hospital of Kirov district. At the hospital, stitches in the lower part of the face were made. After the incident me - Nikitin, Kirillov, Ilyutikov, Suhorada and Michael went to the house of Kostya, to understand all what happened. I don’t remember, whether we have complaining to the police or not. But even if so, there was no result.
Kostya and his gang: Igor, Vasiliy, brothers “E” and “S”, Maxim and some other guys whose names I don’t know, had the status of the Kirov district as a narco dealers and drug traffickers who were working for the Kirov police officers.
These operatives of Kirov police together with a gang of Kostya had activity in drug trafficking and illegally cut down forest of Kirov district. In all this they were helped by one of the famous ranks prosecutors - “R”. Using his authority, he covered the henchmen - drug dealers and cops involved in the drug business.
All the listed above Kirov policemen, I believe, had the support of the Federal Drug Control of Lesozavodsk district.
So, we came to the house of Kostya located on the Shmakovskoy street. We saw that in the courtyard of Kostya’s hose stood Kostya’s friends - gang, I pointed out above, who. We approached them. But the conversation turned into a fight. In this fight, we fought back, and after we left.
A few days later Kostya phoned to Dmitry and invited the two sides to meet again to finally resolve the conflict. The next meeting was appointed in cooperative garages across the “Stinky River".
We came in and saw a large concentration of policemen in uniform, as well as two or three cars with the word "police" at the cooperative garages. Once seeing the police, we turned around and went back.
We walking down by the street Yubileynaya. Suddenly in front of us stopped black jeep of brand "Land Cruiser" about the 1990 year made, belonged to a man nicknamed “The Lip”. Policemen came out of the jeep, they were: Vasiliy, in his hand was a gun of brand "Saiga", Valeriy with the same arms, Ruslan - with a Makarov pistol "PM", as well as Kostya and one of the brothers “E” with hunting rifles.
Coming out of the jeep, without warning, they opened fire, shooting at us from all barrels. We began to scatter in all directions. Bullet touched head of one of the passers-by - Ivan and hurt him.
Suhorada, Kovtun and Leonenko ran into my garage, located on Yubileinaya street. Michael was in the garage. He had not at the time of appointment. The fact is that - Kostya, Igor and brothers “E” met Michael by his way. They beat him with iron pipes, breaking the skull. Because Michael could not go to a meeting he stayed in my garage.
Walkers on the street pointed for the police and a gang of “P” on the garage where Suhorada, Kovtun, Leonenko and Lesnikov were hiding.
Kostya and his band along with operatives of the Kirov police began to break the gate of my garage.
Ivan, with a gunshot wound in his head ran to my house and told to my mother Olga Nikitina everything that happened to him. While my mom processed the wounds she heard voices of breaking doors of our garage.
She ran out to the street to prevent lawlessness of police and their accomplices. Mother began to cry and demand that the people will go away from the garage, she told that she will call the police, but they just answered mat, and the police laughed, replying: "The police is here already!"
Outside, a large number of people crowded. All of them were outraged by what was happening. In the presence of my mother and the many witnesses, “S”, “L”, and “B” broke into the garage and started beating Suhorada, Kovtun, Leonenko, Lesnikov and Michael.
As before, the cops used firearms. One of the thugs - “B”, shot in the leg of Anton Leonenko.
Suhorada, Kovtun, Leonenko, Lesnikov and Michael could not even to move because of the pain. Some of them were unconscious. Then the cops and all their plebeians sat in the car and fled.
My mother called an ambulance and the police. Ambulance arrived without delay. Suhorada and Leonenko were taken to the emergency room. Michael also was taken to the hospital. Lesnikov and Kovtun have emergency medical care on the place. I went to the garage and was shocked by what I saw.
We waited for the police. Wait for it to was more difficult than an ambulance. They arrived only a hour and a half or two hours after. The police officers explained the delay by an absence of free cars.
Then cops went to my garage and began to collect pieces of bits and golf clubs that "cop’s gang" beat guys with into a plastic bag. Mom wrote a statement about what happened.
Police officers put some kind of paint everywhere. Everywhere, as I believe, could remain attackers’ fingerprints. I objected to these erasing all of traces of the incident. They replied that I don’t should to climb into their work. This paint is still left in our garage.

After that, my mother wrote one more letter to the prosecutor of Kirov district. Suhorada and his mother, Leonenko and someone else (I don’t remember who), also wrote the statement.
Beaten, rushing into the ice-hole and leave
Then, Kirov policemen with all its plebeians from the gang began to go and intimidate the victims, their families, demanding to take statements back from the prosecution.
At the same time, the gang “P” stole Andrey Suhorada from the hospital. Already beaten, he was taken to the Ussuri river, even though it was winter. The kidnappers took Andrey Suhorada five kilometers from the Kirov village. Policemen Vasiliy and Ruslan arrived to aid them against alreadyweakened Suhorada.
Together, they began hardly to beat up Suhorada. After the beatings and abuse he was thrown in the ice-hole and left.
Suhorada barely got out of the ice-hole and reach it to the highway. There, Kovtun, Ilyutikov, Kirillov and a guy with nickname “Sailore” found Suhorada and take him to hospital.
Are beaten by the police treating by doctors?
But in this time, the hospital flatly refused to accept Suhorada saying that the police is strictly prohibited to treat Suhorada and his friends. As we were told, the police even list all the names of who should not be taken at the hospital. At the same time they threatened the doctors said that if the above guys (we) will have a health care, the doctors will have a huge problem.
After such a response of doctors, Suhorada in hard situation was taken to home of his grandmother where he remained until recovery.
We will bury you if you will complaining!
On this occasion all affected wrote statements and complaints, but all in vain. Instead we receive a definite answer - refuse to open a criminal case against the police officers and all the rest of their servants, because, supposedly, in the actions of the police officers there is no crime.
The effect was reversed. Instead of an investigation into allegations, Kirov police threatening the complainants - promised to institute criminal proceedings for false denunciation.
Then began a persecution. Kirov cops and their plebeians began to catch all of my friends, which I mentioned earlier. What about me - I think they wanted to kill me.
Most captured were taken to the police department of the Kirov, which was severely beaten, and then released.
Some of my friends were abducted by the same cops and the gang. They convoyed them to the forest, beaten them beyond recognition and were forced under threat of firearms to dig his own grave.
Thus, Ilyutikov dug his own grave. After the burial pit was ready, Ilyutikov was beaten again and thrown into the excavated pit. Then a gang of Kostya and cops left, leaving the beaten beyond recognition in the grave pit. Ilyutikov barely got home in shock after the beating, humiliation and threats.
They were afraid to become disabled or die
After all the events - the attack on our lives - many of my friends and me had to leave the village of Kirov, because they were afraid to become disabled or die. After a few months, most of my friends and me came back home - to the Kirov village.
We faced again with the same fierce and implacable revenge of police and drug gangs. Attempts have begun again.
One night, I came home across the "Stinky River". I walked over the bridge and saw at the end of the bridge crowd of people. When I approached, one of the men asked me, "Do you have a cigarette?". The voice asked me was familiar. As it seemed, it was Gosha - one from the gang.
I replied that I don’t have a cigarette, because I’m not smoke. After my response, they began to strike with something sharp, like an awl, sticking it in my temple, body, belly, legs and buttocks. There were four. They stabbed me with a sharp object, beat with their hands and feet.
When I was in pain and could not move or scream, one of the attackers shot me in the leg. The bullet went right through. After that, they all ran away. Within an hour I was going with the forces. Then somehow got home.
I did not write statement to the police, as it was, I believe, meaningless.
An attempt on the life of Alexander Kovtun took place month later. Kovtun went to his house on the street of the Yubileinaya. Unknown man who standing in the doorway, attacked with full force and struck a knife in the back.
The first blow was intended in the heart. But Kovtun covered area of the heart with hand and blow landed in the left arm. The second strike hit in the chest. But Kovtun pushed the assailant and ran out of the porch.
He saw how the attacker got into the backseat of a black car and drove away. This car is like a car of Igor, which was part of a gang of “P”.
Gangsters organized assassinations for other people whom I know too, most of them claims that the attackers were - Kostya, “S”, brothers “E” and others from the gang.
Cops’ scams
Me and my friends know how engaged employees of Kirov police and their plebeians. Everyone has a role to play in this whole scheme. They cultivated plantations of cannabis, produced drugs from hemp, poppy and other stuff, its sales are conducted in their own homes. A large number of drugs are sent via the police in the town of Primorsky Kray.
They were engaged in manufacturing drugs in the cottage in Podgornoye village belong to brothers “K”.
Gosha met drugs from hemp and poppy in Vladivostok and spread it in one of the schools - Dalrybvtuz.
Some of the central figures of the gang of Kostya dealt with other scams - exposing people of Primorye and Khabarovsk. They acted in the roles of witnesses while proposing exchange of hashish oil into the vehicle.
Different people from completely different areas came to them to change cars for drugs. After sharing, these people with drugs in their arms were detained by the police. After such exchange the man sent into prison, while Kostya and others were leaving in a new car ... with more drugs. So the cops and gangsters make money and "increased" crime-solving.
Kostya and his thugs intimidated the local population for no one will complained.

All those who stand in the way, and in spite of this lawlessness, were beaten, intimidated, or now are in the prison. Many of the rebels, as I know, killed and their murders are still unsolved.
Lawlessness in the Kirov district flourished.
For example, a police officer “B” of Kirov hit two girls by his car and fled the scene. After that, “B” threw his car in the yard of Kirov village and applied to the police for car theft.
Hijackers still not been found and children downed by “B” are disabled. The whole case is closed.
To hold them is impossible - necessary to “get them off the hook”

Once me and Kovtun were sitting in my car in the bus parking lot. We saw how "UAZ" with blue state-numbers and writing "police" is turned to alley where “S” was living.

This "UAZ" stopped by the house of “S”. Policemen in form came out of the "UAZ" and started throwing full sacks intended for sugar from "UAZ" to yard of “S”.

Then "UAZ" left. I called for two guys who were on the bus station and asked to run to see what the police threw into the courtyard (the contents of the bags).

Boys ran and looked. These were bags of cannabis - about nine bags. Guys took some hemp and brought to show us.

In the spring of 2009 me, Kovtun and Kirillov left the cottage which located in Arhangelovka village of Kirov district. We went to the bath. On the road to the Kirov village car of brand "Mark-2" 1991 year made owned by “S” - one of the bandits, have overtaken our car.

We drove over the bridge leading across the river Ussuri and saw ahead a large number of traffic police and the Federal Drug Control Service.

They stopped the "Mark 2"
which overtaken us. Approaching closer I turned on the headlight and we saw as “S”, Konstantin and Ghosha stood along the car with their hands on the car. We also saw how the traffic policemen took three pots one litre each one with hashish oil out of the salon of the car.
Traffic police stopped us and asked to leave the car for inspection and search. Once they have examined the car and us, they offered us to be witnesses. I asked the traffic police what happened. He replied that they detained “P”, “S” and “E”, when they were transporting three liters of hashish oil. We refused to take part in the arrest and drove on. When we got in the car, we saw "Land Cruiser Prado" owned by Vasiliy - cop from the gang of Kostya. Vasiliy was arriving.

In same moment we leave. When we entered the store, we saw Kostya, “E” and “S” - they bought liquor and snacks. After 2-3 days our informants told us that they drunk alcohol with “P”, “S” and “E”, and that the latest boasted how the cops took them with a lot of cannabis resin. Once arrived at Vasya - his brother cop - all detainees released with the resin.

We realized that the cops and the gang are spitting on the law. Expensive cars and more begun to appear at them.

War with narco dealers

Me and all the others are started to spoil their lives. We watched them, we were calculated where their fields to cannabis are, and burned them. In one year, we burned 7 huge cannabis plantation belonging to Kirov cops.

We repeatedly spoiled harvest and gone from besiegement. Plantations were everywhere in the villages along the Ussuri river and highway, in the fields of Kirov village. Police officers and all their helpers hooked on drugs Kirov youth. Most had negative attitude to gang of Kostya and his other servants. The youth was against drugs and because of this they have clashed with a gang of Kostya.

In October-November 2009, teenagers we knew approached to me, Kovtun, Kirillov and Suhorada. They said that Kostya and his cronies threaten them, demand money and some of them were beaten.

These young people asked me to help them deal with the gang of “P”. Three days later we packed up and drove to the store "Willow", located at the farm of the Kirov district.

Once we arrived and got out of their cars, Konstantin and the plebeians without talking to us opened fire with rifles and shotguns of various calibers.

After shooting the police car arrived. We was how Kostya was put into a car. While arresting he was with the gun in his hands. After talking with Kostya, police released him with the shotgun. Many witnesses were around the shop. At these days Kostya was wanted for murder. After five or ten minutes Vasiliy approached - one of the cops. He took Kostya.

Vasiliy hid Kostya at his cottage, obviously knowing that he is wanted on suspicion of murder. So Kostya long time lived at Vasiliy and was hidden by him.

In the village Maryanovka Vasily have large plantations of cannabis - for more than 10 million rubles.

In the summer of 2009 in the village of Kirov, heroin has appeared. Driving in area of the bus station, I saw one teenager I knew. He was in an inadequate state. Me and Kovtun put him into our car and asked what drugs he had eaten too much. The teenager said that this is impact of heroin.

We were shocked by what we heard and asked him to tell us, where he took heroin. The teenager did not want to talk. We threatened to take him to his parents. After that he said he bought heroin for 1500 rubles from “The Mite” (Alexey), who asked him to "begin to offer" heroin for his friends and acquaintances, and he said that Alexey, had very much heroin.

Alexey says alleged that in addition to the “meth cat” and raw opium the heroin will be in the village as well. He says that cops have promised to raise the welfare of heroin traffickers and distributors. Thus Alexey lured teenagers to distribute heroin. He agreed to his proposals. After our conversation with a teenager he did not use drugs anymore.

In 2009 me, Ilyutikov and Suhorada went and burning hemp, which grows along the highway M-60. We came and set fire to dry grass. Suddenly Alexey, “P” and “M” have to run out of the bushes. We have to run. Suhorada stumbled and fell. Persecutors caught him. Me and Ilyutikov fled. An hour later, me and Ilyutikov took sticks and went to beat Suhorada off from captivity. Alexey ran to the blue awning.

Me and Ilyutikov released Suhorada and began to run. Alexey ran out of the bushes, holding a twin-edge weapons and opened fire at us while shouting "I will kill you!". From these events, it all started. Written by myself.

Alexey Nikitin. Prepared for publishing by Natalia Fonina.
P. S.

From whom the court was closed?

In his statement, Nikitin said about horrendous facts of corruption in law enforcement and drug control which should be on guard of order. Сonsidering the statement of Alexey Nikitin, "Seaside Partisans" are not a natural phenomenon but something extraordinarius as a Kuschevsky events. So why higher authorities did not react properly on the statement of Alexey Nikitin? Where is the guarantee that all of this lawlessness will not happening again with such police?

The trial of "Seaside Partisans" began. It will be held with the participation of jurors closed for the public. So what is hiding from the citizens of Russia? Not the same facts Alexey spoke about?

I’m asking prosecutor's office of Far Eastern District to conduct quality check on all the circumstances set out in the statement of Alexey Nikitin and to take urgent measures. Please consider this publication also appeal to the General Prosecutor.

By the way, there is still one more statement written by Nikitin after being tortured in OSP-4. It portrays brown spots of blood (see picture in the original article). This obviously marks of torture by "The Punishers" from the police. Is it why the people of Russia assembling in squares? Where should they go? Should they go to the police, where heavy fist and torture instruments found for each one?
P. S. is also part of original article.
Translated from Russian by Andrey Pshenichnikov.