When you're running a food business, it is essential that you perform basic kitchen maintenance to keep your equipment and tools working without a complication and effectively as far as possible. The last thing you need is to plunge into your company profits to replace any equipment that fails before its ideal time. Routine cleanliness and Maintainance of your kitchen equipment and infrastructure can prove to be beneficial for your business. Here are a few tips on how you can maintain your kitchen and where to start.

Try not to Neglect Your Freezer

We all do it often - even at our homes. We will quite often ignore our freezers which can affect their proficiency and, even worse, make them break down completely. You don't want your freezers to shut down even for a day, imagine what a setback that'd be for your business. You can't let that fresh produce rot away. Freezers in commercial settings will quite often be placed away from the main kitchen area to not come between the fast-paced kitchen environment on a typical working day, but their far off location will generally be the reason for this neglect. You have to assess your freezer(s) one time each month, and this inspection ought to include its cleaning and taking a look at its temperature to make sure that it is cooling food as it should. You can call a professional Maintainance team so you don't need to stress over doing this without anyone's help and just need to concentrate on your actual work.


Keep Vents Clean

Professionals can help and take a look at your vent ducts and hoods and clean them at regular intervals. This will avoid the development of greasy material from oily steam, which can make your gear break apart. A few kitchens need this assistance more regularly, however, it is commonly the standard to get it done every six months. Air vents not only keep the environment fresh but also get rid of the excess heat produced by kitchen appliances and help cool them down. What's more important, between these appointments is to educate your staff to at least keep cleanliness and wipe down the exterior of the hood to keep it looking spotless for your customer base.


Clean Your Deep Fryer

You would rather not neglect your deep fryer. Going a long time without cleanliness and much needed maintenance can cause the gear to break apart or catch fire in the worst-case scenario. Check the care instructions from the company on how you should keep your deep fryer clean. There are a few pieces of the deep fryer that neither you nor your staff should clean, until or unless you think it would be risky to leave them as such. For this sort of deep cleaning, you should call an expert. Whenever you have used your deep fryer for more than 5 years, you should have a certified contractor assess it annually to guarantee it stays functional and ready to go. it is so important for your business to keep your fryer well maintained.


Invest in Fixtures and Replacements

There are so many businesses that notice a broken or flawed part on one of their machines, and they simply live with this because they would rather not bear the weight of the expense of a maintenance procedure - or worse, a replacement. Don't be that business. When you routinely check over fixes, you can avoid the worst situation. Invest in important replacements, instalments and fixes so that your kitchen can keep running smoothly. Whether it's leaky faucets, broken pipes, panic bar replacement for your kitchen door or electrical work, get on with it sooner.


Look at Your Air Filters

Clean air channels are important regarding cooling equipment like fridges and freezers. As these channels become clogged with residue and oil, air can't break through to the machine, which makes it overheat and break down. You should routinely clean your air channels to eliminate any dirt or greasy residue. You might even notice a decrease in your electricity bill, because of the more productive use of your energy.


Clean Your Cooking Area

Whenever you run a kitchen, one of the most important things you have to do is keep it clean. In addition to the fact that it is revolting to eat in a café that is filthy, however, letting dirt and grime develop in your kitchen area is the fastest method for breaking a piece of equipment. Clean or wipe down your burners and skillets consistently. Give these things a deep clean about once per month or something like that, such as putting removable parts in soapy warm water. You have to also make sure that you consistently wipe clean the drip plate and regions situated under your cooking range where oil and grease might accumulate.